Chill East Kent 

(Sea Swimming)

I facilitate sessions in open water swimming to use the benefits of blue spaces (mostly in, on, or near the sea) to help you to manage your long-term health conditions (physical and mental).

If you are interested in this please email me and let me know so I can keep you posted:  

For more information you can also visit the Chill East Kent Website and explore upcoming events below.

Next Course! Beginning 24th Feb 2024

This next group will be for women only (although I will be one of the facilitators with Stacy). 

Saturday mornings beginning Saturday 24th Feb at 0800 for 6 consecutive Saturdays

There will be an emphasis on supporting those who live with pelvic pain, menopause or have survived domestic violence 

For more information and to book, please email: or contact me directly if you prefer and have any questions. 

Feedback from past participants:

"Great to see you are running the Chill course again! The best thing I've done since moving here for sure!"

"The Chill sessions were so welcoming and inclusive, even though I find that down here swimming can be a bit intimidating when you see people with all the gear not being so friendly...!"

"I can honestly say every part of the course was helpful. I found every aspect a challenge, but right from the first session i found myself in an extremely positive and welcoming environment"

"Derm & Stacey have been incredible from start to finish. Explaining in detail the safety aspects of sea swimming and how I can continue to have this pleasure in my life, with confidence from their knowledge and teaching" 

"I really enjoyed the circle time and check ins at the beginning of the course but that was helpful to reflect on what we learnt, any movement from the last time and then loved learning top tips about the sea. I loved meeting new like minded people who I knew were there for the same reasons" 

"All the support in and out of the water .fully instructed .safety in the sea 💙 "

"The easy to understand and digestible information briefings at the start were great, as was having lots of opportunities to ask the experts lots of questions"

"I thought the safety information and general knowledge about the water was very useful especially for a novice cold water swimmer" 

"From the onset , this group provided inclusivity, as well as Genuine warmth and kindness . This was evident at every session and shown towards every member of the group . The careful guidance and education in relation to wild winter swimming has helped me to continue in my efforts to maintain the physical and mental health benefits of this activity"

"The support to overcome the fear of getting into the water, the support whilst in the water to gain confidence and the camaraderie from the whole group"

"Whatever reason you are thinking about doing this particular course, having completed it myself, i can honestly say its the best thing ive done in years! It lived up to all my expectations, helped me in many ways and im so thankful. I love the sea and water, now i have the knowledge and the confidence to have a swim whenever i want (depending on the tides)! "

"Do it! Highly recommend Stacy and Diarmuid’s approach to teaching and patience with all"

"Do it ! It’s really beneficial for mental health and confidence. Brilliant, kind, knowledgable and welcoming instructors" 

"Absolutely do it! Perfect mix of advice, tips, connection with mental well-being and above all a lot of fun! Knowledgeable and supportive instructors"

"Do it, its amazing, supportive and you will feel so accomplished and revitalised" 

"Go for it! It's genuinely been transformational for me. I was lacking self esteem before starting and it's given me so much confidence - if I can get in the cold sea I can do anything! It's given me a new hobby, new skills, more resilience, new friends which means such a lot being new to Thanet. All things I can apply in other parts of life. Don't hesitate to apply! "

"Most definitely do it! The course length was perfect and also the start time of year, great for confidence, mental health and meeting new friends"