Forest Bathing and Therapy

I will add  information below on upcoming forest bathing and forest therapy sessions. If you are interested please email me and let me know so I can keep you posted:  

What people have said about Diarmuid's Forest Bathing & Therapy Sessions

"I would recommend giving Forest Bathing a try- I was surprised at how beneficial I found it"

"I really enjoyed the course and loved spending the time outdoors immersed in the elements with you guiding us so well and turning our attention to the beautiful simplicities that nature offers to us" 

"I felt during this course connected to nature and myself and how to live in the moment"

"I want to thank you for the course you offered us. I enjoyed it very much, especially the

feeling of a deeper connection with the natural world"

"Wonderful way to slow down and enjoy being"

"It's a really lovely way of reconnecting with nature and immersing yourself with the natural world. Definitely benefits your wellbeing"

"If you are stressed and need something to take your mind off stuff, this is perfect"

"It helps to relax you and it feels like a safe environment"

"Give it a go!"

FREE 6-session Forest therapy Course

To support you to manage your stress.

In Windmill Community Gardens Margate

·      Do you experience stress ?

·      Would you like to try forest bathing and see if it might be helpful for you?

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a nature-based intervention grounded in the Forest Bathing practice of sensory connection, effortless attention, and immersing the senses in the forest atmosphere. Growing evidence supports the benefits of spending time in nature as therapy for a range of physical and mental health conditions                  (see ecotherapy for example).

Join Diarmuid on a 6-session Forest Therapy course. Forest Therapy Practitioners work in partnership with nature, enhancing your nature connection. Forest therapy is different to exercise in nature, and it is not wild swimming. It is about improving wellbeing by being in, and experiencing the benefits of, nature rather than passing through nature unaware. 

Who is Diarmuid?

Diarmuid is a certified Forest Bathing practitioner and is currently training to become a Forest Therapist with Nádúr. This course is offered as part of his training. He is a HCPC registered Physiotherapist. He has specialised in chronic pain care for nearly 20 years. He is currently doing research looking at pain care outside of traditional healthcare. He also trained as a mindfulness teacher and is an accredited coach.

What can I expect on this course?

·       Each Forest Therapy session lasts for approximately 1.5 hours, for 6 sessions in Oct/nov 2023

·       You will need to commit to attending all 6 sessions if possible

·       Sessions include a gentle journey in Windmill Community Gardens in Margate

·       You will be supported to slow down and connect with the natural environment

What benefits can I expect from forest therapy?

This 6-session forest therapy course may help to reduce stress, improve mood, reduce anxiety, enhance wellbeing, increase levels of physical activity, and enhance social connections.

When & where is this course?

Monday & Friday mornings (Time 0915 am for about 90 mins) at Margate Windmill Community Gardens (Dane Valley Rd, Dane Valley, Margate CT9 2SH ).

Dates: Mon 13th Nov, Fri 17th Nov, Mon 20th Nov, Mon 27th Nov, Fri 1st Dec, and ends Mon 4th Dec 2023. 

We will meet at the main gate.

There is a compost toilet (with steps to access) on site and plenty of free street parking nearby.  

How can I sign up?

Please email Diarmuid if you would like to have more information and to sign up for this free course. There is a short form to complete at te beginning and end.